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Andy and Jarrett Make Pretty Things.

Oh, Andy Adams. I miss a few weeks of Flak Photo and I go back to see what’s happening and the image above me greets me. Good grief, the beauty is too much. This one’s by Jarrett Murphy, and is called Route 531, Spencerport, New York, 2008.

Mr. Murphy has some other nice things going on over at his site; check these out:


Lake Mountain I


Goblin State Park




Zion National Park

I love the canned, filmic nature of these, and their simple titles. Very methodical, somehow. See more here.


  1. brian faini - July 28, 2009 1:51 pm

    I quickly added the image from Flak to my “stuff i like” folder.
    If only I could have nice print of it.

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