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Thursday Train of Thought: Lobsters, Weddings, and The Sea.


Oh hellllo. Time for another train of thought! First let us start at Tavern on the Green, where the children match the carpet and distract us from the bride and groom. I can’t understand weddings that ban kids, they ruin the photographers’ fun. These economic times have plunged me into a flurry of nuptial shooting, and I often quite enjoy myself. Strange times, my friends. Anyhoo, if old Biffy and Buffy are getting married, send them my way. Here are shots from this latest one.

Seeing so many children about reminded me that I was once a child (!) It also reminded me that I am firmly in the “nature” camp, as I have always been utterly fascinated by creatures of the sea. More to the point: crustaceans. More to the point: LOBSTERS.

Like, seriously infatuated. There’s early evidence:

I continue to eat lobsters with fervor. Also, I shoot them.


Also I put them on my wall:

(best handmade lobster present ever. though i have a handmade lobster pillow that is also rad)

Anyway, my point is that I like lobsters. My favorite lobster photograph I’ve ever come across is Thomas Bangsted‘s.

It’s called Lobster Study, 2007.

This picture is so good on so many levels, I can hardly stand it. Print swap, Thomas?


Other funny animal things happen in Bangsted’s pictures. Did you know goats like heights? Sometimes they stand on cows’ backs. Or go for a jaunt on the jungle gym.


Oh! Speaking of cows, the cows in Bangsted’s pictures like to hang out in green places.


And the ships like to tilt.

That picture makes me think of seafaring. And seafaring makes me thinks of waves, which makes me think of these images from FOAM magazine.


Pretty. They were taken by Syoin Kajii, who used to be a monk.

NEXT? David Doubilet, a man I’ve been following since I first heard the word “nudibranch“.


Doubilet is a longtime National Geographic alum. Here he is at work. I’ve always seen his work on the Nat Geo site, but I looked at his personal portfolio this week and was mesmerized.



This is just…. yeah. It’s inDevils Eye Spring, Florida. Devilish, indeed.

Oh, you are cute. What are you?


Oh, you are too. Ménage a turtle, anyone?



this seems dangerous.

David and some cohorts just left their mondo agencies and started their own, WILD Photography. Show them some love, buyers!

the end.


  1. Micah Walter - July 23, 2009 12:57 pm

    There is a place I think on Grand Ave, near Bushwick that has a lobster special for like $18 on Tuesdays or possibly Thursdays…
    actually this comment has just about no information in it!

  2. John M. - July 23, 2009 3:06 pm

    I’m still trying to find this lobster joint, Micah….. I have 18 bucks burning a hole in my pocket.
    Remarkable, all the way through. Thanks very much for this.
    Sorry, that’s all I got.

  3. mzh - July 23, 2009 9:12 pm

    dude, you are so digging that tomale out of that lobster body. what a cool kid. come up to maine, they’re 3.99 a pound right now.

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