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Stephen Mallon, Flight 1549, and Camembert.

Ahoy! I have returned from a seemingly endless (in a good way) trip abroad, and as much as I hankered for a leafy green vegetable while I was there, I am now mourning croissants. Grass greener, etc.

Foods do not have much to do with this post, but I’m thinking of them nearly constantly today and thus they will be mentioned. Do you know what France really enjoys? Foie gras. It’s on every corner. Were you trying to avoid it, you’d have some difficulty.

I am trying to set aside thoughts of prosciutto and Camembert and focus on today’s major task at hand, which is to review portfolios at the ASMP Fine Art Portfolio Review with my sidekicks from The Photography Post. Maybe we’ll see some of you there?

The fellow who asked us to attend said portfolio review turns out to be not just a board member of ASMP, but a rather talented photographer. His name is Stephen Mallon, and his work on the plane that took a dip in the Hudson is pretty illuminating.

This work is rather relevant to me, as I am a serious white knuckler on an airplane. Have a look!








Thanks, Stephen! See more here and here.

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  1. stephen mallon - May 27, 2010 9:54 pm

    Thanks for coming back from the good wine and cheese to make it to the review!

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