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APB/Profoto Interview: Dominic Marley

As we do every month, we’re going to check in with one of the winners of Profoto‘s Assistant Contest. As you may notice, Profoto helps support this outfit, and we like to check in on what they’re doing. This month we chat with London’s own Dominic Marley.

Mr. Marley shoots a lot of action and athletes; his clients include Nike, Cadbury’s, and The Olympics (do the games count as a client? We’ll pretend they do).

Here we go!

Tell me a little about your background. How did you start shooting?

Since I was a kid I always saw myself as becoming a photographer, so in about 1998 or so I ended up taking a college course in photography and later did a degree at Chelsea School of Art which was a great chance to learn more about different parts of being a photographer. I ended up shooting editorial and working full time from then really.

What’s your favorite/strongest body of work (or the work you feel most defines you)?

I absolutely Love shooting movement, whether it’s sports people, athletics or any moving things really! I think as a subject working with speed, form and action are the most exciting things and combined they can give you such exciting outcomes. As a subject it’s great because however much preparation you put into the shoot there’s always an element that you cannot plan for, especially with explosive energy, it’s this very thing that makes it so great to shoot.

Share some photos of yours that you particularly love.

The rebel runners shoot was probably my favorite project to work on and the still of Harry Aikines-Aryeetey the British Sprinter is probably my fave out of the shoot, it was such a nice project to be involved in because the client and I bounced some ideas around and we were very much on the same page with how we perceived running, which was great and there was quite a lot of room to take the idea in any direction too, so it was a lot of fun work on.

Whose work do you admire?

I think Nadav Kander’s portrait work is spot on, it is difficult to choose one photo but I’d say his photo of Stanley from Brixton is pretty cool, I especially like his color fields work too. As a whole I think his work has a style that is very much his own, you can recognize his portrait or landscape work and where both subjects are quite different he still manages to put his own stamp on them and you can tell his work. He manages to add that stamp to all of his subject matter, which speaks volumes of his work as a whole.

Nadav Kander, Stanley from Brixton

Nadav Kander, from Color Fields

Nadav Kander, from Color Fields

What’s next for you, in 2011 and beyond?

I plan to carry on shooting and working on new things and enjoy it!

Thanks, Dom.

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